The more I see, the less I know for sure

Get warmer
As the weather gets colder,
And your eyes
Grow brighter
As the nights get darker.

You know
It gets colder
And darker
Than this.

Beauty fades-
But it’s here for now.
Just for now,
Until the leaves
Have stopped
Withering and
Falling down.
This is nature’s way
To let us know-
It’s okay to die
To be born

—    M.S. (via coffee-crinkled-pages)


by @theglobalmovement “The Wise king Solomon was very well aware of this universal fact that at the very start by desire mind conscious grace of the most high, the cosmos appeared from an Cosmic energy point ‘’Ein Soph’’, which with the desire mind expanding heat then finally expanded to exist in the unimaginable huge shape of a sphere. So the shape of a ‘’Point’’ and a ‘’Sefira’’ [sephirot or dimensional sphere] was the underlying basis of all subjective and objective manifestations in the infinite universe. This grand knowledge was referred to by the great King Solomon as the celestial wisdom which was then commonly known as the ‘’Magus’’. In between these 2 basic shapes of the Infinite Universe [Point and a Sphere], the expanding vital consciousness by the desire mind heat provided by the grace of the ‘’Most High’’, then through their interactions developed 5 more Geometrical shapes, to contain various live elemental essences in these 5 shapes of their differentiated matter. These 5 shapes were later known as the platonic solids named after famous philosopher Plato.

These five platonic shapes are known as [1] Tetrahedron, [2] Cube, [3] Octahedron, [4] Dodecahedron and [5] Icosahedron, which are related to the 5 differentiated cosmic planes as well as solar Universe planes of conscious existence. The wise king Solomon related these five geometrical shapes to the 5 planetary spirit consciousness. Tetrahedron with the Saturn [Shabatthai] consciousness, Cube with the Jupiter [Tzedek] consciousness, Octahedron with the Mercury [Kokav] consciousness, Dodecahedron with the Mars [Madim] consciousness, and Icosahedron with the Venus [Nogah] Consciousness, and the originating ‘’Point’’ with the Sun [Shemesh] consciousness and the expanded ‘’Sphere’’ with the Moon [Levanah] consciousness.

So along with the basic ‘’Point and Sphere’’ these 7 geometrical shapes existed in a group of ‘’Seven Solar Universe Organs’’ representing the expanding consciousness of 7 planetary groups, which effected the planetary evolution of various entities and beings, who are evolving upon this planet earth.

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Takashi Tanemori, Hiroshima survivor and author of Hiroshima: Bridge to Forgiveness, speaks at the 11th San Francisco Bay Area Peace Lantern Ceremony.